Beyoncé’s Secret Collaboration with Travis Scott Revealed After Months of Teasing

Fans were treated to sneak glimpses of the single art for “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” during the Renaissance World Tour.

Beyoncé; Travis Scott. PHOTO: GETTY (2)

Beyoncé cleverly dropped Easter eggs in her tour visuals, leaving fans completely unaware of the surprise collaboration that awaited them.

In an unexpected partnership, Travis Scott joined forces with Beyoncé for the song “DELRESTO (ECHOES),” featured on his latest album, UTOPIA. Fans were taken by surprise with the collaboration, but what shocked them even more was the realization that Beyoncé had been teasing the project for months.

During Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour, the 41-year-old singer made a stunning appearance in a bee costume for an encore, performing her hit “America Has a Problem” while positioned behind a news anchor’s desk. Behind her, massive screens displayed stock tickers and headlines.

Among these on-screen flashes, there appeared a newspaper named “The Echo,” stretching across the screen. Fans had initially assumed that this graphic was merely an artistic nod to her hit song, especially after its recent remix with Kendrick Lamar.

However, the cover art for “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” revealed the true significance of this newspaper image. Once again, “The Echo” made an appearance in the song’s artwork, and the headline “America Has a Problem” was visible but cut off. It turned out that Beyoncé had been dropping hints about the collaboration all along, cleverly concealing its true meaning from her fans.

The cover of “DELRESTO (ECHOES)”.

Indeed, Beyoncé isn’t the only notable artist featured on Travis Scott’s new album. The project boasts an impressive lineup of musicians, with John Mayer lending his talent to “Sirens,” Drake collaborating on “Meltdown,” Bad Bunny joining in on “K-Pop,” and SZA contributing to “Telekinesis.” The album showcases an extensive list of artists, with most of them going uncredited.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour has consistently grabbed headlines for various memorable moments. Notably, she once picked a fan’s wedding song, showcasing her personal connection with her audience. Furthermore, the tour made a significant statement in celebration of Juneteenth by exclusively wearing designs from Black designers, sparking widespread discussions and admiration. The tour’s global journey continues to create viral moments and leave a lasting impact.

Beyoncé has been delighting her fans by bringing her daughter, Blue Ivy, on stage to dance with her during a portion of her three-hour set. Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother, shared her joy and pride in seeing her granddaughter perform on stage. Blue Ivy, who is 11 years old, had only one week to prepare but continues to improve with each performance, making her grandma even prouder.

Ashley Everett, Beyoncé’s former dance captain, also expressed her excitement about the viral moment. As an almost auntie figure to Blue Ivy since she was born, Everett couldn’t contain her happiness while watching clips of Blue Ivy confidently hitting the stage and flawlessly executing all the dance moves alongside her superstar mother during various international tour stops.