Britney Spears Opens Up About ‘Method Acting’ During ‘Crossroads’ Filming: Struggled with a Blurred Boundary Between Reality and Role

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Britney Spears is offering insights into her genuine experience during the production of “Crossroads.”

In an excerpt from her forthcoming memoir, “The Woman in Me,” shared with PEOPLE, the pop sensation, now 41, candidly reveals that her foray into “method acting” during the making of the 2002 road trip dramedy had an unexpectedly disorienting impact.

Spears writes, “The experience wasn’t a smooth one for me. My struggle wasn’t with anyone involved in the production but with the profound impact acting had on my psyche.”

She continues, “I believe I unintentionally adopted Method acting – the difference was, I didn’t know how to snap out of character. I genuinely transformed into an entirely different person. While some individuals consciously practice Method acting, I had no awareness or separation whatsoever.”

In her book, she reflects, “My gait, my demeanor, my speech – all of it changed. I inhabited a different persona for months during the filming of ‘Crossroads.’ Even now, I imagine the girls I worked with on that film might think, ‘She’s a bit… peculiar.’ If that’s what they thought, they were spot on.”

After the filming of “Crossroads” concluded, Britney Spears ultimately came to the conclusion that acting wasn’t her true calling.

She confesses, “That marked the inception and conclusion of my brief acting career, and I felt a sense of relief.” She acknowledges that there may be individuals in the acting industry who’ve grappled with similar challenges, finding it difficult to disentangle themselves from a character.

In her words, “I genuinely hope I never come close to encountering that professional hazard again. Living in that manner, existing as a fusion of your true self and a fictional character, is unsettling. Over time, you lose touch with what’s real.”

In conjunction with the launch of Britney Spears’ memoir, “Crossroads” is making a special return to theaters for a limited two-night engagement on October 23 and 25.

The film, directed by Tamra Davis and scripted by Shonda Rhimes, tells the story of childhood best friends Lucy (played by Spears), Mimi (portrayed by Zoe Saldaña), and Kitt (played by Taryn Manning). They embark on a cross-country road trip, aiming to rediscover themselves and rebuild their friendship after an eight-year separation.

The highly-anticipated memoir by the “Lucky” singer is set to be released on October 24th, published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

Britney Spears’ memoir is arriving nearly two years after her emancipation from a 13-year-long court-ordered conservatorship. In November 2021, the conservatorship was terminated following Spears’ impassioned and public testimony in court in June of the same year.

As outlined in a press release from Gallery Books, the singer’s memoir is expected to shed light on “the enduring influence of music and love,” emphasizing the significance of a woman narrating her own story, on her own terms. The book is poised to unveil, for the first time, her extraordinary journey and the inner strength that underlies one of the most iconic performers in the history of pop music.