Dionne Warwick Shares How Music Brings Her Happiness: ‘Music Is a Healing Force’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Dionne Warwick made a guest appearance as a vocalist on jazz pianist Todd Hunter’s most recent album, ‘Postcards from Brazil, Volume Two’.

Dionne Warwick is sharing her key to happiness in a recent interview.

The five-time Grammy winner revealed that her continued inspiration comes from the world of music, emphasizing her enduring enthusiasm for life.

“Life always excites me,” stated Warwick, who is 82 years old. “Waking up in the morning and listening to music gives me incredible inspiration. I love life! It’s just who I am!”

The legendary singer also mentioned her participation as a guest vocalist on the new album, “Postcards from Brazil, Volume Two,” by jazz pianist Todd Hunter. Speaking at Hunter’s album release event at Urban Press Winery in Burbank, California, Warwick emphasized, “Music is a healing force. I can’t imagine living in a world without music.” Her words underscore the profound impact music has had on her life and well-being.

Dionne Warwick further expressed her deep connection to music, emphasizing how it has the power to transport people to various emotional landscapes that mirror the rich tapestry of life’s experiences.

“I love looking into the audience and seeing smiles, I love when an arm goes around the shoulder, or people holding each other’s hands or singing along with me,” Warwick shared with HELLO!. “That means I am doing something right!”

She also revealed her appreciation for Todd Hunter’s album title, “Postcards from Brazil, Volume Two,” due to its reference to Brazil. She referred to Brazil as “home” since she had lived there for 25 years, further underlining her affection for the country and its culture.

At the same party, Dionne Warwick, renowned for hits like “I Say a Little Prayer” and who has sold over 100 million records during her illustrious 60-year career, expressed her ongoing enjoyment of making music.

“It’s still a bunch of fun. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing it,” she told PEOPLE. She emphasized that as long as making music continues to bring her joy and doesn’t feel like a job, she’ll remain devoted to her musical pursuits.

Warwick also discussed the honor of being recognized by the Kennedy Center for her lifetime achievement, reflecting on the significance of this accolade in her legendary career.

“It’s about time,” the singer humorously remarked when discussing her recognition by the Kennedy Center. She expressed her genuine excitement and honor at receiving this prestigious accolade.

During the event, Dionne Warwick, who is approaching her 83rd birthday on December 12, performed “That’s What Friends Are For” alongside her granddaughter, Cheyenne Elliot. Despite already possessing five Grammy Awards, Warwick mentioned that she still aspires to achieve other notable awards like the Oscar, the Emmy, and the Tony, in no particular order.

Reflecting on her illustrious career, Warwick shared the best piece of career advice she ever received: “be who I am.” She emphasized her authenticity and the importance of staying true to herself, stating, “I can’t be anybody else; I don’t want to be anybody else.” This commitment to authenticity has undoubtedly contributed to her enduring success in the music industry.