Ellie Goulding Struck by Firework During UK Festival Performance, Courageously Continues Singing On

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

During her performance of the popular song “Miracle” at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth, England, British pop sensation Ellie Goulding was struck by a pyrotechnic effect.

Ellie Goulding Experiences Firework Mishap During Performance at Victorious Festival

British pop star Ellie Goulding encountered a firsthand lesson in the importance of maintaining a safe distance when handling fireworks, even for oneself. While performing at the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth, England, the 36-year-old artist was in the midst of singing her collaborative track with Calvin Harris, “Miracle,” when a firework onstage seemed to make contact with her face.

Goulding, who was energetically dancing and leaping across the stage, momentarily paused to sing the lyrics, “To believe in a miracle.” It was at this moment that the pyrotechnics were activated, with one of them striking her, as seen in a fan-captured video shared on TikTok by user @random.15071.

Following the unexpected firework incident, Goulding displayed her resilience and sense of humor. She burst into laughter, let out an expletive, and proceeded to flawlessly complete the remaining five songs of her performance. Surprisingly, her reaction was so understated that many fans who were present at the event failed to realize what had occurred.

Comments on a TikTok video revealed fans’ astonishment. One fan wrote, “I attended the event yesterday and I saw that, but I didn’t know she got hit.” Another user expressed, “Oh my god, I didn’t even realize that’s why she laughed.”

As of now, there has been no official statement from Ellie Goulding’s representative in response to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Earlier this year, in a conversation with PEOPLE, the accomplished singer-songwriter behind “Love Me Like You Do,” Ellie Goulding, candidly discussed how the arrival of her son Arthur in April 2021, alongside her husband Caspar Jopling, has had a transformative impact on her long-standing struggles with anxiety.

Detailing her journey, she admitted, “There were times when anxiety was really overpowering… However, being around Arthur has a remarkable way of dispelling those feelings, as if my body is trying to guide me towards spending more time with him. It’s almost a biological urge.” Goulding acknowledged the challenges of balancing her role as a new mother and her professional commitments. She recognized the need to prioritize her role as a parent above all else, while striving to excel in every aspect of her life.

Goulding also highlighted the significance of having the support of her husband, Caspar Jopling, who is 31. She praised his rational and pragmatic nature that has been a grounding force during her moments of distress. In her words, “He is much more level-headed and practical compared to me. I tend to ruminate on the past and worry about the future. This trait might fuel songwriting, but it doesn’t contribute positively to mental well-being.”