Gwen Stefani Laughs Heartily at Niall Horan’s Imitation of Blake Shelton’s Southern Drawl: ‘I’m a Fan of His Humor’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Horan described his friendship with Shelton, stating, “He’s genuinely the kindest person, deeply passionate about his interests, and simply enjoys every moment.”

Blake Shelton may have departed from The Voice, but his former colleagues are still discussing him, particularly his wife Gwen Stefani and singer Niall Horan.

Both Stefani and Horan, who are presently part of the NBC singing competition series, made an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show’s Tuesday episode, where they expressed their admiration for Shelton. During the segment, host Jennifer Hudson, who was previously a coach on The Voice, mentioned that she’d heard people comment on the resemblance between Horan, aged 30, and Shelton, aged 47. Playfully, Stefani, aged 54, remarked, “You could be our son,” as they examined a photograph of the two musicians together.

“I’m the quirky stepson,” Horan humorously responded. Nevertheless, the former One Direction member acknowledged their resemblance, quipping, “minus a few gray hairs,” in jest.

Horan went on to recount the story of how he met and forged a friendship with Shelton just before they commenced filming the blind auditions for season 23 of The Voice, which aired in March 2023.

“I connected with Blake right away,” Horan shared. “We went out for a drink the day before. I sat down with him for five minutes and thought, ‘This is my guy. I’m sticking with him.'”

Horan and Shelton spent the entire season sitting next to each other and developed a strong friendship. Horan enthusiastically shared, “We had such a blast. What you see with Blake is what you get—whether it’s on-camera or off-camera. He’s simply that authentic. He’s genuinely the nicest person in the world, wholeheartedly pursues his passions, and finds joy in everything he does. He’s simply the best.”

Jennifer Hudson, aged 42, mentioned that she had heard that Horan can imitate Shelton’s voice. Although he wasn’t entirely confident in his impression, he decided to give it a shot, mimicking a few phrases that the “God Gave Me You” artist might typically utter.

In Shelton’s voice, Horan said, “This is my wife, Gwen Stefani. I’d love for you to join my team,” as he gestured to Stefani, pretending they were on The Voice. He continued, “You know, my friend Jennifer over here…”

Hudson then offered some advice: “You’ve got to get a bit louder. Blake can be quite boisterous.”

Horan, in a Southern accent, enthusiastically exclaimed, “I adore Jennifer! You’re welcome on my team!”

When asked about her thoughts on Horan’s imitation of her husband, Stefani responded simply, “I adore this guy. I adore Blake. I adore The Voice. It’s been an absolute blast.”