Gwen Stefani’s Approach to Hits: Prioritizing Set Integrity over Chasing Chart Success

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

The renowned pop sensation and lead singer of No Doubt expressed her enthusiasm for crafting fresh music in the upcoming days.

Even after all these years, Gwen Stefani remains “just a girl” with a passion for creating exceptional music.

Featured on the cover of NYLON’s latest print issue, the 54-year-old pop icon shared her ongoing eagerness to release new music while emphasizing that she isn’t actively pursuing a chart-topping hit. Stefani pointed out that her extensive catalog of hits already provides more than enough material for her live performances, preferring instead to focus on crafting music that truly excites her.

The “Hollaback Girl” singer candidly admitted to feeling disconnected while collaborating with contemporary pop songwriters, noting their divergence from her own creative process. She expressed bewilderment at their fixation on technicalities like syllable counts and their relentless pursuit of chart success, asserting, “I’m not chasing that.”

Stefani further elaborated, stating, “A hit is the greatest thing in the world, but it has to emerge organically.”

Reflecting on her collaborative process, she acknowledged feeling most inspired when working with a team, but admitted that it can sometimes feel like regression when they attempt to recreate a past version of herself.

The early tracks from her repertoire, particularly those from her ska-fusion band No Doubt and her 2004 solo debut Love. Angel. Music. Baby., are precisely why she isn’t driven to produce more chart-topping singles.

She explained, “If I were to create another hit, it would mean sacrificing an existing hit from my live performances. I’m not willing to extend my shows to three hours! So in my view, I’ve already achieved success.”

Stefani emphasized the significance of continuing to create new music, underscoring that it remains a priority for her despite her lengthy tenure in the industry, spanning over three decades, and her success with 10 solo songs reaching the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100.

“I almost feel guilty about it, or like I have to justify it or feel bad that I’m doing it,” confessed the mother of three and coach on The Voice. “Like, ‘You should just get on with your life.’ But I really still want to do it!”

The accomplished musician elaborated that creating music feels like her “purpose” and despite the notion sounding “cringe” or “conceited,” she perceives it as if she’s been “chosen” to continue doing so.

Stefani’s last conventional studio album, “This Is What the Truth Feels Like,” debuted in 2016, followed by the release of a holiday album, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” in 2017.

Since then, the singer of “Rich Girl” has unveiled a selection of singles, including “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” in 2020 and “True Babe” in 2023. Additionally, she has collaborated with her husband, Blake Shelton, on duets such as “Nobody but You” in 2020 and their recent release, “Purple Irises.”

Despite this activity, she has not yet formally announced her next full-length album.

Exciting developments await on the music front from the pop star this year. She and her fellow bandmates from No Doubt are slated to reunite at Coachella, spanning the weekends of Friday, April 12 to Sunday, April 14, and Friday, April 19 to Sunday, April 21.

In January, she expressed her elation to PEOPLE about the prospect of hitting the stage with the “Just a Girl” band once again.

“It’s going to be amazing,” Stefani shared. “We’ll just get up there and do what we’ve always done, playing our music and striving to connect with our audience while feeling grateful for the unexpected and incredible career we’ve had.”

Reflecting further, the musician added, “You have to remember, we were in No Doubt for nine years before ‘Just a Girl’ even made it to the radio. We weren’t pursuing fame. So, to find ourselves here in 2024, filled with the excitement of this reunion announcement? It’s truly beyond words.”