Jennifer Lopez Reveals Expert Tips for a Striking Red Lip and Extends a Shoutout to Taylor Swift!

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

“Can’t Get Enough of that Beso 💋,” expressed Lopez on Instagram.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Jennifer Lopez, the mother of two, assured her social media followers that Taylor Swift’s timeless red lip style is always in vogue. Lopez, 54, shared her expert tips on applying this classic lip look and credited Swift, 33, as a key source of inspiration.

“When I think of red lips, I think of Marilyn Monroe, but I also think of Gwen Stefani. I think of Taylor Swift. I am a Swiftie, too,” expressed Lopez, after highlighting that her favorite aspect of the holidays is “getting to wear a red lip.”

Jennifer Lopez divulged her step-by-step process for achieving her bold red lip look. She begins by outlining her lips with a neutral pencil to enhance their fullness and plumpness. The founder of JLo Beauty then applies red lipstick, paying special attention to the corners with the precision of a lip brush.

To elevate the look, Lopez incorporates her beauty brand’s Beso Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Mask, emphasizing its ability to keep lips hydrated and create a more plump appearance. The final touch involves using the That Star Complexion Booster, completing the process for a flawless and vibrant red lip

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE last month, Jennifer Lopez shared why the Beso Balm has become one of her essential go-to products. According to the multi-talented artist, the Beso Balm is the perfect item to toss into your bag or keep by your nightstand. Whether she’s applying makeup or winding down for the night after cleansing her face, it’s the final touch.

“After creating the skincare, I was like, ‘We need a great lip balm. That’s what’s missing,'” Lopez explained. The Beso Balm, introduced recently, has found its place as a versatile and crucial component in her beauty routine.

In addition to her endeavors with her beauty brand, Jennifer Lopez has been actively preparing for the launch of her ninth studio album, “This Is Me… Now,” along with an accompanying film. Both are scheduled for release on Feb. 16, 2024. Beyond her musical projects, the versatile performer is set to take on a starring role in the musical adaptation of “Kiss of the Spider Woman.” Lopez recently shared insights into the evolution of her career in ELLE’s Women in Hollywood issue.

Jennifer Lopez expressed her vision for her future in the entertainment industry, stating, “I see myself working [as long as] I want to. I don’t know what that age is. It might be 70, it might be 80, it might be 90, I don’t know. But I know that it’s there for me if I want it, and I want to create it.” This sentiment reflects her determination and passion for her craft, suggesting a continued commitment to her career for years to come.