Joe Jonas Opens Up About Awkward Encounter with Fan, Embraces Relatable Embarrassing Moment

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

The vocalist described the encounter as the type of experience that makes you “just feel like you wanna die inside.”

Joe Jonas Opens Up About Cringe-Worthy Fan Interaction on Tour

The 34-year-old singer recently shared an awkward fan encounter from a Jonas Brothers tour stop in Minnesota. Posting a video on Instagram with the caption “Pain,” Jonas recounted the embarrassing moment where he unintentionally responded with a classic “You too” after the fan wished him a good show. He likened the situation to the common awkwardness of telling someone to have a safe flight at an airport check-in and getting the reflexive response of “You too.”

In a delightful turn of events, the fan mentioned in Jonas’ story saw his post and responded.

“HAHAHAH Hi Joe it’s me from the street in Minneapolis, and yes, I’m (I guess somewhat of?) a performer, and yes, I do have a big game tomorrow, so thank you,” wrote the woman, whose Instagram bio identifies her as a sports broadcaster for ESPN, Fox Sports, and the Big Ten Network.

She also shared her own post about the encounter on Saturday, resharing Jonas’ video. In the caption, she reassured the music superstar, “Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.”

Earlier this month, Jonas recounted another amusing encounter with a fan. In a TikTok video, he shared that while entering a store, a security guard remarked that he looked “crazy in person.”

“I just walked into CVS, and the security guy goes, ‘Oh! Joe Jonas?'” he recalled. “And I said, ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’ and I shook his hand, and he goes, ‘Man, you look crazy in person.'”

Reflecting on the comment, Jonas humorously pondered, “I don’t know, is that a compliment?”

While Jonas is accustomed to being recognized in public, he recently found himself in the role of a fan. In another “story time” video posted on Instagram on Nov. 4, he shared an encounter with actor-comedian Nathan Fielder at a Los Angeles restaurant.

“So last night, I noticed Nathan Fielder was at the same restaurant I was having dinner at in L.A.,” he explained in the video. To express his admiration, Jonas asked a waiter to deliver a drink to the star of “Nathan for You.”

“They said, ‘You have good taste,’ which made me feel good about my loving all things Nathan Fielder,” he said.

As a gesture of gratitude, the comedian reciprocated by sending Jonas some mayonnaise. To confirm the unusual gift, the “Waffle House” singer provided evidence in the form of a photo featuring a cup of mayo. “Thank you Nathan!!” he captioned the image.