Kelly Clarkson Affectionately Labels Olivia Rodrigo as the ‘New Alanis’ During Enthusiastic Fan Moment with Alanis Morissette

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

In an unprecedented footage from ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show,’ the two individuals connect over their shared admiration for the artist known for the song “Ironic.”

Olivia Rodrigo and Kelly Clarkson share a deep appreciation for Alanis Morissette. In a recent segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 20-year-old “Vampire” singer and the 41-year-old “Since U Been Gone” artist connected over their experiences of relocating to New York and collaborating with the iconic “Ironic” performer, who is 49.

Rodrigo, expressing her admiration for Morissette, revealed that she had the privilege of performing with her, describing Morissette as one of her “heroes.” Clarkson joined in, stating that Morissette is also one of her favorites, and they both had the opportunity to sing with her.

During the conversation, Clarkson commended Rodrigo, emphasizing her pride in the 20-year-old artist. She drew parallels between Rodrigo and Morissette, describing Rodrigo as the new Alanis for her generation. Clarkson highlighted the significant impact of Rodrigo’s album “Sour,” equating it to the kind of influence Morissette had with her record.

Clarkson remarked, “And you’re young to be a fan of hers! Do you have the coolest mom ever or something?”

Rodrigo responded affirmatively, saying, “I do have the coolest mom ever.” She reminisced about a specific Morissette song that left a lasting impression on her.

“I remember hearing ‘You Oughta Know’ on the radio when I was 12 years old and thinking, ‘What is this? She can say the line about the theater?’ That’s insane,” Rodrigo shared.

Clarkson concurred, acknowledging Morissette as “one of the main reasons why she’s a songwriter.” The conversation underscored the shared admiration for Morissette and the impact her music had on both Rodrigo and Clarkson.

In reflecting on Morissette’s influence, Clarkson expressed, “You don’t realize the impact you make as an artist on people, and she just impacted so many — for different generations.”

In another segment of the interview, Rodrigo showcased the in-ear monitors from her Sour tour, featuring images of Robert Pattinson’s Twilight character, Edward Cullen.

The discussion was initiated by Clarkson, who presented her own custom, sparkly gold in-ear monitors. These monitors aid singers in hearing the band and crew clearly during live performances. Clarkson mentioned her preference for a gold, sparkly ’70s aesthetic, but she was intrigued by Rodrigo’s personalized monitors with photos. She admitted, “I didn’t know you could do photos.”

“Yeah, you can put photos of your kids. You can put photos of anyone,” responded the “Traitor” musician, as images of her lavender, Twilight-themed in-ear monitors were showcased on a large screen.

“These are mine,” Rodrigo continued, pointing to the photos. “That’s Edward Cullen on my in-ears. He’s my guiding light on tour. I have to have my lucky charm… Love him.” In this playful exchange, Rodrigo shared her affection for the Twilight character and how he serves as a source of inspiration during her tours.

The Grammy-winning artist disclosed her intention to showcase “a new face” on her in-ear monitors for each tour. Before unveiling the character on her current pair, she playfully suggested that Clarkson could be featured on her next set. Clarkson, in response, proposed aiming for something unexpected, like Betty White, injecting humor into the conversation.