Madonna Apologizes After Erroneously Calling Out Wheelchair User for Sitting Down at L.A. Celebration Tour

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

“Sorry about that. I’m glad you’re here,” expressed the Queen of Pop to the fan upon realizing why they weren’t standing up.

Madonna unintentionally caused offense to a fan in a wheelchair during her recent concert in Los Angeles. At her Celebration Tour performance at the Kia Forum on March 9, she called out a fan in the audience for not standing up during her show. However, upon approaching the fan and realizing they were using a wheelchair, Madonna quickly apologized to them and acknowledged her mistake. She expressed regret for her comment, recognizing its insensitivity, and expressed gratitude for the fan’s presence at the concert.

During the same concert, Madonna had a special moment on stage when she was joined by fellow superstar Kylie Minogue for their first-ever performance together. Madonna introduced Kylie to the crowd by acknowledging her resilience, stating, “On the subject of survival, I would like to introduce a very special guest who’s going to come up here and sing with me.” As Kylie walked onto the stage, Madonna highlighted her as an exemplar of resilience, referring to her as “a survivor,” which elicited enthusiastic cheers from the audience.

After the concert, Minogue took to Instagram to share her excitement, posting a video of herself enjoying Madonna’s performance of “Ray of Light” at the venue. In her caption, Minogue expressed her joy at finally being able to perform with Madonna, especially on International Women’s Day. She thanked Madonna and expressed her love and appreciation.

Throughout the Celebration Tour, which commemorates Madonna’s extensive and successful career spanning decades, she has been joined by various special guests during her rendition of her 1990 classic “Vogue.” These guests have included Pamela Anderson, Amy Schumer, Julia Garner, Kelly Ripa, and others.