Mariah Carey’s Secret to the Ultimate Bath Experience: ‘You Must Be Mindful of This, Darling’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

The Festive Monarch, currently embarking on a nationwide tour, navigates through the holiday season—and every season throughout the year—by indulging in one of her renowned relaxing baths. Here’s her method.

As Mariah Carey prepared to grace the stage for her “Merry Christmas One and All!” concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, it was mid-November, and a gentle cold front had added a subtle chill to the air. This provided just enough reason for the packed stadium, filled with Mariah Carey’s devoted fans, affectionately known as Lambs, to embrace festive attire. Thousands of Lambs adorned themselves in an array of Christmas beanies, illuminated Christmas-tree-bulb necklaces, Christmas sweaters, and Mariah Carey-branded sweaters and sweatshirts—all still embracing the Christmas theme.

Undoubtedly, Carey holds the esteemed title of the Queen of Christmas. Fans have been declaring this for years, a sentiment she reinforces every November 1st with her proclamation, “It’s…Time!” This annual declaration transforms the seasonal hues from orange and black to the festive red and green. With the push of the play button on her iconic holiday hit, “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” she reintroduces the jingly, jangly, and joyful earworm into our minds. For Lambs, this holiday anthem isn’t just a song; it’s a Christmas experience, a call to action, a hymn. On this special night, they gather to worship.

Despite a setback last year when the Federal Trademark Board formally denied Carey the title of Queen of Christmas, the sentiment in the crowd remains unwavering. Looking at the sea of fans, it’s evident that Mariah Carey reigns supreme during this season. Even if not officially crowned the Queen of Christmas, she easily assumes the throne as the Queen of All Things Festive.

A nearby fan passionately exclaims, “All I want for Christmas is you, Mariah!” with Carey’s infectious smile and the words “It’s Time!” boldly displayed across his chest. He turns to his friend and declares, “She saves my Christmas every year.”

A week before the event, Carey finds herself in a photo studio across town, exuding enthusiasm as she settles in for an interview. “I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas for, like, the whole year,” she expresses. “Since last year — because last year wasn’t the greatest. I’m thankful for them all, but it wasn’t my most fun version of Christmas ever.”

In coping with challenging times, Carey relies on certain practices. “I would say it’s writing. It’s prayer. It’s like these little things that can take you from possibly being in a really bad mood to just being in a better place immediately. And just really being thankful for all scenarios, all the moments that come our way. I don’t read anything written about me. That’s one of my coping mechanisms. It’s taking a bath.”

Known for her legendary bath rituals, Carey showcased her bath routine on an episode of MTV Cribs in 2002 (albeit in a bodysuit). She even did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, both of them submerged in a bathtub. In two phone interviews I conducted with her, she was in the water. Clearly, Carey has mastered the art of the soak.

“If someone is kind enough to say, ‘Okay, I know you’re probably going to want to get inside and go in the bath, so I’ll run it for you.’ Well…” Carey acknowledges that sometimes things can go awry. “They put in too many bubbles. That gets a little bit out of control because then you can’t just lay back without getting bubbles all over you.” Hence, she’s not a huge fan of bubbles. “I prefer the bath salts, and those can really be good, especially if you’re a little sore or whatever; you can just soak in bath salts. My latest favorite are the orange ones. They’re really good. Then there’s the lavender ones that are really relaxing.” She recommends using a good amount of bath salts, but not the entire jug, and including some bath oils.

Carey advises keeping your phone close by. “Everybody gets mad at me when they talk to me and I’m in the bath,” she reveals. “They’re like, ‘It’s a little boomy where you are. What are you doing?’ But I’ve been like that since I was little.”

“I need to take milk baths again,” she muses, seemingly addressing herself. Glancing around at the on-set crew, she remarks, “Cleopatra bathed in milk, darling. If you’re unaware, you should be aware of this.”