Michael Bolton Opens Up About the Positive Impact of His Relationship with Girlfriend Heather Kerzner

In a recent interview featured in PEOPLE magazine, Michael Bolton candidly discusses the joy and happiness brought into his life by his new romance.

Michael Bolton and Heather Kerzner at the 2023 MusiCares Persons of the Year gala in Los Angeles in February. PHOTO: GILBERT FLORES/VARIETY VIA GETTY

Michael Bolton, renowned for his romantic ballads, has found inspiration in his new relationship with girlfriend Heather Kerzner. The couple made their red carpet debut in February and have been enjoying a natural and fulfilling connection.

Bolton describes their relationship as checking all the boxes and appreciates how Kerzner brightens his life. Despite having known each other for nearly 15 years as friends, their romantic involvement only began last summer.

While the Grammy winner is cautious about sharing too many details about their romance, the couple appeared together on the red carpet at the MusiCares Person of the Year gala in February. Bolton remains focused on his new album release, “Spark of Light,” which is set to come out soon.

Michael Bolton attends the Emmy Awards in Pasadena, Calif. in June 2022. PHOTO AMY SUSSMAN/GETTY

Michael Bolton remains cautious about discussing his new relationship, acknowledging the need for privacy. However, he recognizes that the people he loves, including his girlfriend Heather Kerzner, bring him a great deal of happiness.

Bolton was previously married to Maureen McGuire, and they have three daughters together named Isa, Taryn, and Holly. After his divorce, he was engaged to actress Nicollette Sheridan, with whom he had a rekindled romance from the ’90s.

Reflecting on his life, Bolton expresses immense love and pride for his daughters as they start their own families. He emphasizes that love is the most important thing in life and the center of the universe, bringing joy and meaning to his existence. Despite any changes or challenges, the significance of love remains constant for Bolton.

Heather Kerzner, who has two children, was previously married to Sol Kerzner, a late hotelier and casino mogul. They divorced in 2011. She was briefly engaged to James Henderson, the former CEO of Bell Pottinger.

As Michael Bolton prepares for the release of his album Spark of Light, he hopes that it will serve as a source of positivity during challenging times, especially those influenced by the pandemic. Inspired by observing the struggles faced by friends and family, he wanted to deliver a sense of hope, promise, and light through his music. Bolton explains that the album aims to counter the darkness and fear that had become pervasive in everyday life. He describes it as a feel-good record that carries uplifting messages and aims to instill a sense of joy and optimism. The album’s new single, “Beautiful World,” contributes to this mission.