Reneé Rapp Sets Condition for Participating in ‘Mean Girls: The Musical’, Informs Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels

Rapp Secures Leading Role as Regina George in “Mean Girls: The Musical”


eneé Rapp had always envisioned herself as a pop star, and in a recent interview with The Cut, she revealed how her acting endeavors were a strategic step towards launching her music career.

The 23-year-old singer and actress had her sights set on the role of Regina George in Mean Girls: The Musical since 2018, just after graduating high school. She saw it as a fantastic opportunity to propel her career forward, stating, “I thought it would be a great launching pad for the rest of my career.” However, she emphasized that any job in the entertainment industry would have thrilled her.

With her ultimate career aspirations in mind, Rapp made a bold move and laid out her condition to Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels, the show’s producers, before accepting the lead role on Broadway.

“I was very direct with them,” Reneé Rapp revealed. “I said, ‘I know you guys are involved with SNL. So here’s the deal: I’ll do it if you promise to support my music career for a lifetime.’ And true to their word, they’ve been incredibly supportive. Everything I’ve done was always with the aim of making my music dreams come true.”

Earlier this year, Rapp made the decision to step back from her role as Leighton Murray on The Sex Lives of College Girls. Taking to Twitter, she shared a heartfelt statement expressing how playing Leighton had a profound impact on her life.


In a heartfelt message, Reneé Rapp expressed her gratitude for her time on the show “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” which brought her to Los Angeles and introduced her to some amazing people, creating a supportive community. She thanked the show’s creators, Mindy Kaling, Justin Noble, and the team at Max, for believing in her.

Playing the character Leighton had a profound impact on Rapp, and she emphasized that the role has transformed her life. She particularly appreciated how the character’s representation of queer experiences resonated with her, making her love herself even more. Rapp hopes that Leighton’s portrayal had a positive impact on the audience as well.

As she gears up for her music career, Rapp is set to release her debut album, “Snow Angel,” on August 18. Excited about her musical journey, she plans to tour with the project, starting in Houston, Texas, on September 15 and concluding in Dublin in March.

In December, Reneé Rapp spoke openly to PEOPLE about her candid EP, “Everything to Everyone,” and the apprehension she felt leading up to its release. She admitted feeling anxious, worrying about the possibility of people disliking her music.

Throughout her life, Rapp had always claimed that music was her true passion, but it was only when she was about to release the EP that she truly believed in her ability to pursue it. The realization dawned on her just a week before the release, and she felt confident that this was her moment.

Rapp acknowledged the significance of her acting roles, as they provided her with a platform to share her music with her fans. Moreover, these experiences helped her shed her inclination to please everyone and allowed her to be more authentic.

She expressed that her 18-year-old self was not as genuine as she is now at 22, and her acting jobs played a crucial role in her personal growth. The expectations she has now, as a result of her acting experiences, have been invaluable in shaping her music career and enhancing her self-awareness, having gone through various life experiences.