Tina Knowles Playfully Teases Beyoncé’s “Mean” Behavior During Quick Costume Changes at Concerts

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Tina Knowles Reveals Backstage Secrets and What Happens “in the Heat of the Moment” at Beyoncé Concerts on ‘Sherri’

Tina Knowles playfully shared on a recent episode of Sherri that her daughter, Beyoncé, can exhibit a “mean” side during the quick costume changes that take place during her Renaissance World Tour concerts. Tina mentioned that she’s relieved not to be involved in the backstage quick-changes anymore. She humorously recalled how Beyoncé used to perform “Flaws and All,” singing “I’m a [bitch] in the morning,” to which Tina would respond, “and the evening too!” It seems that even the Queen Bey has her moments of intensity during the rush of a concert wardrobe change.

Tina Knowles shared that Beyoncé can get intense during the fast-paced quick changes but often apologizes afterward. She described how Beyoncé would say, “Mama, I’m so sorry,” and sometimes shed a tear, realizing she had said something intense during the process. Tina explained that in the heat of the moment, with everyone waiting and the pressure of getting the wardrobe changes right, such reactions are understandable.

Fashion plays a significant role in Beyoncé’s artistry, particularly during her recent Renaissance World Tour. Tina expressed her amazement at the extravagant outfits fans would wear to the concerts, often featuring cowboy hats and chrome. This level of enthusiasm from the audience reflects the importance of fashion in Beyoncé’s performances.

Tina Knowles, who has been involved in Beyoncé’s fashion journey since her childhood, shared that for the Renaissance World Tour, they enlisted the help of four stylists and had an impressive collection of over 600 costumes to choose from. Beyoncé wore at least four to five new costumes every night during the tour, and there are still around 150 costumes that she hasn’t worn yet.

Tina was thrilled to see how quickly fans embraced the visual themes of the show and incorporated them into their own outfits. She mentioned that she has attended a significant number of Beyoncé’s shows, and each night she was amazed by the creativity and effort fans put into their costumes. She marveled at the fans’ dedication to replicating the tour’s fashion and the high level of creativity they demonstrated.