Tom DeLonge Hails Upcoming Blink-182 Album as the ‘Best’: A ‘Rebirth of Everything’

According to a recent interview, the guitarist expressed that they believe their latest songs are their finest works to date. Additionally, they mentioned that the forthcoming album is likely the best one they have ever produced.

Tom DeLonge is excited to release new music with Blink-182. During a conversation with Fender regarding the limited edition re-release of his Tom DeLonge Signature Stratocaster, the 47-year-old guitarist hinted that the band’s upcoming project will surpass their previous works and be their most remarkable effort yet.

In a recent statement, he shared, “I firmly believe that we are currently crafting our most exceptional songs to date. Our upcoming album is likely to be the pinnacle of all the albums we’ve ever created.” Although specific details about the album’s release date remain undisclosed, this project will mark the band’s first album since “Nine” in 2019 and follows the 2022 release of their single “Edging.”

Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge perform as Blink-182 in June 2023.PHOTO: LARRY MARANO/SHUTTERSTOCK

In 2015, Delonge had previously departed from the band to concentrate on his involvement with the rock group Angels & Airwaves. However, he has now reunited with Blink-182 and shared that this reunion has been a “rebirth,” as it allows them to create new music together and embark on tours once again.

During an interview, DeLonge described the production they brought on their tour as a perfect representation of everything the band stands for. It seamlessly combines nostalgia, history, fun, reverence, childhood charm, rebellion, and technology. He referred to it as a cool rebirth of all their elements, presenting the best of everything they have done but executed in a way that fans had always hoped for.

Fueling rumors of a reunion, DeLonge posted a throwback photo with Blink-182 on Instagram in October. Shortly afterward, the band confirmed a new single, album, and tour. As they prepared for a headline performance at Coachella, Mark Hoppus shared with PEOPLE that the band dynamics had improved, stating that things were “better than it used to be” among the trio.

According to his statement, it was the first time in approximately five years that all three band members were present together in one room. He emphasized that the current dynamic is even better than before, with no hidden motives or unresolved animosities. The atmosphere felt like a genuine return to their roots, where three friends were simply sitting together in a room, reminiscent of how it should be.