Troye Sivan Playfully Teases Kelly Clarkson About Misheard Lyric, Revealing a Penchant for Internet Fibs

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

In the past year, listeners misunderstood the name of the Australian singer in Clarkson’s track “Mine.”

Troye Sivan Finds Enjoyment in Playful Deception.

Earlier this year, the 27-year-old pop sensation experienced a surge of amusement as he engaged in a fictitious conflict with Kelly Clarkson, 41. This playful exchange emerged when he contributed his perspective on a misinterpreted lyric from Clarkson’s song “Mine.”

In the context of the pop-rock ballad, Clarkson sings the lines, “Sabotage, your choice of art? / Who the hell do you think you are?” However, the lyrical ambiguity led many to believe she was saying, “Troye Sivan / Who the hell do you think you are?”

During an interview, Sivan disclosed that he thoroughly relished his response to the situation. He harnessed the power of TikTok to create a humorous video, jesting, “What did I do to upset Kelly Clarkson?” The video’s caption, “@Kellyclarkson, drop your location, I’m ready to fight,” added an extra layer of whimsy to the lighthearted exchange.

Troye Sivan Reflects on the Episode in Vanity Fair’s Lie Detector Test Segment.

In a candid conversation as part of Vanity Fair’s Lie Detector Test video series, the Australian artist delved into the aforementioned incident.

While connected to a lie detector, Sivan openly confessed that he was fully aware that the song didn’t truly reference him. He candidly admitted, “I did know,” and went on to explain that his involvement stemmed from finding humor in the situation.

Addressing whether his actions classify him as a troll, Sivan humorously responded, “I guess, yeah.” The lie detector verified the accuracy of his statement.

Amusingly, Sivan also unveiled his affinity for online trolling. With a playful tone, he shared that the internet serves as his preferred platform for playful deception, jokingly remarking, “That’s one place where I really like to lie.”

Continuing the Playful Interaction, the Idol Actor Responds with Additional TikTok.

In a continuation of their lighthearted exchange, the Idol actor shared a second TikTok response after the original video. In this follow-up clip, another segment of the “Stronger” artist singing the misinterpreted verse was played. Sivan playfully remarked, “This part kinda slays, though. Like imagine I make this my theme song where every time I walk out somewhere, they have to play this part?”

Vanity Fair’s video also encompassed broader topics. Sivan engaged in discussions about his dual role as a musician and actor, key milestones in his career, as well as insights into his dating life.

Further insights into his personal life were revealed in a recent interview on Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low podcast. During this conversation in July, the “Angel Baby” singer candidly shared details about his romantic experiences, touching on misconceptions such as the label “power bottom.”

“I began to realize that sex is somewhat inherently amusing to me… it brings to mind animals, and that perception of it makes it far less solemn. I find myself thinking, ‘It’s pretty amusing that I desire to engage in that with you.’ So, that’s what I intend to do. It’s just wild,” he candidly expressed.

Sivan is on the brink of launching his first album since 2018, titled “Something to Give Each Other.” Set to be released on October 13 via Capitol Records, the album has been described in a press release as “a celebration of sex, dance, sweat, community, queerness, love, and friendship.” This forthcoming album appears to encapsulate a vibrant spectrum of themes and emotions that hold significant importance to Sivan.